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Variable Force Deep Tissue (VFDT) is a muscle-specific modality in bodywork therapy. If you’ve only had a spa massage, it’s time to be on PJ’s table for long-term impact. There’s nothing like it! Come with comfortable pants or shorts for lower bodywork. We will supply you with a medical gown for upper bodywork. VFDT increases joint and muscle flexibility, relieves stress and tension, releases energy blockages, relaxes muscle spasm and strain, improves cellular nutrition to muscles, and enhances performance for athletic activity and repetitive careers. Swedish Massage is a relaxing detoxifying stress reducer¬†improving your overall sense of well being. Massage linens are utilized during all Swedish Massage sessions.

Whichever modality is right for you, your visit to PJ’s office will be the highlight of your week. Check out some of our patient testimonials.

PJ Sparks, L.M.T. is originally from the Lake George area. Attended Adirondack Community College, and enlisted in the US Navy. Around this time, she made her long term plan to become a massage therapist. As therapeutic massage became more available at area schools, PJ was able to follow through on her vision and achieve her goal. She attended Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse, NY. She is continuing her education with Dr. James Macie, L.M.T., D.C. in his structural release technique, Variable Force Deep Tissue (VFDT) working under his guidance each Thursday at his Structural Release Holistic Center in Guilderland, NY.

What Should I Expect

  • Intake session regarding health history (click here to print and complete our Health History Form prior to your appointment.)
  • Due to techniques used in VFDT , it is in the best interest of the patient and therapist to be comfortable using medical gowns as described above. Massage linens are not used in VFDT massage. During combo sessions, therapist will leave the treatment room at the completion of the VFDT portion of the session to allow the patient to undress. Linens will then be utilized for the Swedish Massage portion of the session.
  • Therapist uses cocoa butter rather than massage oil for VFDT sessions.
  • Wrap-up session at the end of your appointment to determine frequency of visits. (Frequency of visits is based on muscle response to treatment and patient’s work and/or sports participation.)


30 MIN

60 MIN

90 MIN

Variable Force Deep Tissue (VFDT)

$40 $80 $120

Swedish Massage

$35 $70 $105

Combo Session (60 min VDFT,
and 30 min Swedish Massage)

n/a n/a $110
Gift Certificate AvailableCash and Checks Accepted


available Monday – Friday (Please call 461-8085 to make an

Weekends: Massage in the Lodge at
Gore Mountain,
1- 5 pm